The Period Poverty Summit Committee


A small group of dedicated volunteers who accomplished big things.

Thank you!

Erin Casey is co-chair of the Period Poverty Summit 2019 and founder of Period Poverty Nova Scotia.


This Nova Scotia campaign educates people, businesses, and organizations about period poverty and has collected and donated more than 100,000 menstrual hygiene items across the province with the help of hundreds of volunteers and donors.


Erin is a writer, editor, and communication professional in Halifax. She specializes in education, business, health, research, and social justice topics, and in making complex information accessible.


Suzanne Lively is co-chair of the Period Poverty Summit and founder of Friendly Divas, a non-profit organization working towards sustainably ending period poverty by distributing menstrual cups to those in need.


She also runs her own business, Lively Friends, which connects women in their communities through monthly Lively Conversations events. 


Suzanne’s primary focus is on connecting and empowering women. 


Lori Welsh is a high school counsellor with 30 years of experience and a volunteer planning committee member for the Period Poverty Summit 2019.

She has coached everything from junior high to university sports and is an advocate for girls and women in sport. Lori is passionate about access to menstrual hygiene products in schools and supporting the eradication of period poverty.

She is also a member of the provincial Culturally Responsive – School Mental Health Action Team.

Jodi Brown is an anti-poverty activist in Halifax and a volunteer planning committee member for the Period Poverty Summit 2019.

She was instrumental in crafting MLA Karla MacFarlane’s Bill 126, proposed amendments to the Employment Support and Income Assistance Act that would allow menstrual products to be considered a special need and provide additional allowances for these products for Nova Scotians on income assistance.

Jodi also actively supports community members with self-advocacy and volunteers with the St. Paul’s Family Resource Institute food bank.